KENAZ (SCABATOX ) AMITRAZ 12.5% - 1000 ML Varroa

What is Varroa and why is it a problem for beekeepers?

Varroa is a parasitic mite that infests honeybee colonies, causing significant damage to the bees and their hives. These mites feed on the bees' hemolymph (blood), weakening their immune system and transmitting various viruses. If left untreated, Varroa infestations can lead to the collapse of entire bee colonies, posing a serious threat to beekeepers and the pollination of crops.

How does KENAZ (SCABATOX) AMITRAZ 12.5% help in controlling Varroa?

KENAZ (SCABATOX) AMITRAZ 12.5% is a highly effective acaricide specifically designed to combat Varroa mite infestations in honeybee colonies. It contains Amitraz, a powerful active ingredient known for its efficacy against Varroa. When applied according to the instructions, KENAZ (SCABATOX) AMITRAZ 12.5% helps beekeepers control and manage Varroa populations, reducing the negative impact on honeybees and their hives.

Why choose KENAZ (SCABATOX) AMITRAZ 12.5%?

1. Proven effectiveness: KENAZ (SCABATOX) AMITRAZ 12.5% has been extensively tested and proven to be highly effective in controlling Varroa mite infestations. It offers a reliable solution for beekeepers struggling with Varroa-related issues.

2. Easy to use: KENAZ (SCABATOX) AMITRAZ 12.5% comes in a convenient 1000 mL bottle, providing beekeepers with an adequate supply to treat their colonies. The product is easy to apply and integrates seamlessly into existing beekeeping practices.

3. Safe for bees: While KENAZ (SCABATOX) AMITRAZ 12.5% is potent against Varroa mites, it has been formulated to minimize harm to honeybees. When used correctly, it selectively targets the mites without causing significant harm to the bees or the environment.

How to use KENAZ (SCABATOX) AMITRAZ 12.5%?

1. Read the instructions: Carefully read and understand the product label and instructions before using KENAZ (SCABATOX) AMITRAZ 12.5%. Follow all safety precautions and dosage recommendations.

2. Prepare the solution: Dilute the appropriate amount of KENAZ (SCABATOX) AMITRAZ 12.5% in water according to the instructions. Use protective equipment such as gloves and goggles during preparation.

3. Apply to the hive: Apply the solution to the hive as directed, ensuring thorough coverage of the frames and bees. Follow the recommended treatment schedule and dosage to effectively control Varroa mites.

4. Monitor and reapply if necessary: Regularly monitor the Varroa mite population in your colonies. If infestations persist or reoccur, follow the instructions for reapplication of KENAZ (SCABATOX) AMITRAZ 12.5% to maintain effective control.


KENAZ (SCABATOX) AMITRAZ 12.5% is a reliable and effective solution for beekeepers facing Varroa mite infestations. By using this acaricide according to the instructions, beekeepers can protect their honeybee colonies from the devastating effects of Varroa and ensure the health and productivity of their hives.