4 Bones Plus 30 tablets Sun Wave Pharma

4 Bones Plus 30 tablets Sun Wave Pharma

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Optimal complex of calcium salts 4 BONES PLUS contains 4 forms of calcium with multiple benefits.
Inovative film-coated tablets to facilitate swallowing.

- calcium deficiency.
- to maintain the health of the bone system and teeth.
- excessive fatigue.
- for pregnant or breastfeeding women.
- women in menopause.

- ionic calcium 500 mg
- zinc 7.5 mg
- manganese 1.8 mg
- copper 1.5 mg
- vitamin D3 10 mcg

The components in 4 Bones Plus contribute to:
Normal blood clotting: calcium
Normal functioning of the muscular system: calcium, vitamin D
Maintaining bone health: calcium, manganese, vitamin D, zinc
Maintaining healthy teeth: calcium, vitamin D
Normal functioning of the nervous system: copper
Normal formation of connective tissues: manganese
Protection of cells against oxidative stress: manganese, zinc, copper
Normal absorption/utilization of calcium and phosphorus and maintenance of normal blood calcium levels: vitamin D
Normal functioning of the immune system: vitamin D, zinc, copper
Normal DNA synthesis: zinc
Maintaining normal fertility and reproduction: zinc
Maintaining healthy hair, nails, skin: zinc
The process of cell division: calcium, vitamin D, zinc.

Directions for use:
Oral – 1-2 tablets per day.
The tablets are swallowed with a glass of water after eating.

30 film-coated tablets.