Alergy Stem, 120 capsule, Herbagetica

Alergy Stem, 120 capsule, Herbagetica

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The Alegy STEM formula combines AFA Algae with extracts of Licorice, Three-Spotted Brothers, Nettle, Ganoderma and Natural Vitamin C extracted from Acerola, all of which have an intense immunostimulatory and antiallergic effect.

Three Spotted Brothers extract modulates the immune system. It is a powerful detoxifier, eliminates free radicals from the blood and helps with intestinal transit.

AFA algae stimulates the production of STEM cells and amplifies the regeneration of T cells and macrophages, essential components of the immune system.

Licorice extract guaranteed with 12% Glycyrrhizin has a strong anti-inflammatory, antiallergic and antiarrhythmic effect. Its effect is similar to that of cortisone, an essential hormone for reducing allergic reactions.

Spirulina and Chlorella contain numerous minerals and an important level of beta carotene, which has the role of protecting cells and increasing the volume of gamma linoleic acid and phycocyanin, substances that modulate the immune system's response to various allergens.

Method of administration:
- 1 capsule 3 times a day.

Administer with caution to pregnant or breastfeeding women.

120 capsules