Alzer, 30 capsules, Alzheimer and early brain aging

Alzer, 30 capsules, Alzheimer and early brain aging

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Orthomolecular nutritional preparation intended for special oral nutrition protective against Alzheimer's disease and early brain aging.

Antioxidant food supplement (capacity results from the action of ingredients that ensure the composition of this formula).
For approximately 12 million patients with Alzheimer's disease, natural Alzer therapy has been able to reduce degenerative processes within the disease.

- ensures proper transmission of nerve impulses;
- ensures the functionality of mitochondria at cellular level and implicitly adequate oxygenation of the cell;
- ensures tranquility, relaxation and integrity of the nervous system and brain, in Alzheimer's patients, against external and internal exicities.

Alpha lipoic acid.
Organic germanium.

1 capsule every 8 hours, 1/2 hour before meals.
The duration of treatment is at least 6 months. It can be extended at the recommendation of the neurologist.

30 capsules