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Astenor Forte, 20 vials

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Astenor Forte, 20 vials


- contains the amino acid arginine and malic acid that support the body's energy recovery and help it recover and improve its performance;

- arginine is involved in the transformation of ammonia into urea at the hepatic level and increases the hepatic synthesis of amino acids and proteins. It is also an important structural component of proteins and participates in the energy metabolism of the muscular system;

- malic acid intervenes in the energy metabolism of the muscular system by stimulating the production of ATP;
- useful in various moments of life when the energy level in the body can be more intensively requested, which leads to states of weakness, asthenia manifested by: lack of concentration, decreased vitality, muscle pain, sleep disorders.

Active ingredients per ampoule (10 ml):

L-arginine 413 mg.
Malic acid DL-malic 1500 mg.

Method of administration:

Children over 12 years old and adults: 1-3 ampoules per day, after meals. The contents of one ampoule (10 ml) can be consumed directly or diluted in water.


20 vials