Baneocin Ointment 20 g, burns, injuries, eczema, cracks

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Baneocin ointment is used in:


- infections of the hair follicles and infections of the sweat glands

- the treatment of certain infections and ulcers on the skin

- psoriasis

- the treatment of burns and injuries caused by hot liquids, superinfected

- the treatment of eczema, cracks and superinfected cuts

- the prevention infections occurring after surgical interventions on the skin.


How to take:


The recommended dose for both adults and children is 2-3 applications of Baneocin ointment per day.

In the case of local treatment, it is recommended not to exceed the dose of 1 g of neomycin per day (corresponding to 200 g of skin powder or Baneocin ointment) administered for a maximum period of 7 days. In the case of repeating the treatment, this dose should be reduced by half.

The ointment is applied in a thin layer on the area to be treated; it can be covered with a dressing.



20 g