Bear Branch 4000, 30 vegetable capsules, Natural aphrodisiac, Fertility, Potency

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Natural aphrodisiac. Increases male potency. Fertility for both sexes.

Traditionally known as "Romanian ginseng" or "Love plant", Bear Branch (Heracleum sphondylium) has strong sexual tonic and energizing properties, being appreciated by both women and men for its special health benefits, helping to improve intimate intercourse.

Although Branca Ursului grows in most mountain and sub-mountain areas of Europe, Romanian tradition gives it a particularly important place among plants with therapeutic role. For hundreds of years, the perennial plant has been used as an aphrodisiac, remedy in gynecological ailments, fertility and impotence.


-Natural aphrodisiac. Fertility. Potency
-Improves blood circulation to the male genital organs and stimulates the secretion of gonads.
-Treats impotence, frigidity and sterility.
-Fights infertility caused by hormonal disorders.
-Increases sperm count and improves their motility.
-Improves fertility of both sexes.
-It has an aphrodisiac effect, stimulates libido.
-Stimulates the activity of the sex glands in both men and women.
-Relieves symptoms of female genital diseases, ovarian failure, premature menopause.
Stimulates ovarian activity.
-Promotes relaxation of vaginal and uterine muscles (antispasmodic effect).
-Regulates the menstrual cycle.
-Tonic. Energizing.
-It has rejuvenating and energizing effect.
-Restores tone and lust for life even in old age.
-Increases the body's capacity to physical exertion.
-Effective in chronic fatigue, exhaustion, stress, anxiety;
-Regulates the activity of the central nervous system.
-It has a hypotensive role, being recommended for those with hypertension.
-Indicated for people who have cold hands and feet (due to peripheral vasodilating effects).
-Anti-inflammatory. Anti-infective, natural antibiotic.
-Fights digestive disorders (diarrhea, bloating, slowed digestion, indigestion or abdominal cramps);
-It has the role of strengthening the immune system.
-Adjuvant in the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases .
-Prevents urinary infections, helping to eliminate microorganisms that affect the urinary / genital system.

Indications: Bear Branch 4000 is recommended in:
lack of sexual appetite, male and female sterility, vascular impotence, hormonal impotence, genital diseases, fatigue, exhaustion, stress, anxiety, cold hands and feet, hypertension.

Adults: 1-2 capsules daily, before meals.

30 vegetable capsules