Bezo-Pet paste 120 g, helps remove hair from the stomach or intestines

Bezo-Pet paste 120 g, helps remove hair from the stomach or intestines

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Bezo-Pet is a special lubricating paste for the buzzers formed in the digestive tract in the dog and cat


Bezo-Pet is recommended to facilitate the elimination of the beavers that form in the stomach. It is also recommended to prevent the formation of beavers. Due to its pleasant taste, Bezo-Ppet is ingested by animals without difficulty, which is why it can be administered directly without being previously mixed in food.

Mode of action and properties:

Bezo-Pet is a paste that evenly covers in a lubricating shell the hair sticks that are formed in foreign bodies in the stomach and that prevents (blocks) digestion. This coating facilitates the passage of the bezoar to the level of the pylorus and intestinal tract, while the spiral contraction waves give a rounded shape to these foreign bodies, helping to eliminate them without difficulty. This ensures the resumption of intestinal transit. Through its coating properties, Bezo-Pet binds the hair fragments that are in the stomach, thus helping to form the bezoarium.

Bezo-Pet is especially prophylactically recommended in long-haired (Persian) breeds of cats and in cats kept in the apartment that do not have the possibility of daily elimination, by vomiting, of hair, following the ingestion of coarse plants (grass).


Water, oils and fats, cereals, sugar.


crude oils - 23.4%
crude ash - 1.5%
crude protein - 0.8%
raw cellulose - 0%

Additives: EEC preservative agent.

Method of administration:

Daily doses:

for the evacuation of the sticks is administered 1 teaspoon (5 ml) per day
prophylactic is recommended 1 teaspoon (5 ml) 2 or 3 times a week.


Tubes containing 120 g paste.