Biotitus Natural Ointment, 50 ml

Biotitus Natural Ointment, 50 ml

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Biotitus Natural Ointment, 50 ml




- it is recommended to care for and keep the skin in good condition after injuries (superficial injuries, burns, frostbite, acne, chronic skin conditions and wounds), during the healing process, weakened skin or prone to wounds, or for use daily skin care, improving its appearance;


- the presence of active natural compounds stimulates the beneficial effect and at the same time facilitates the care of very dry and/or flaky skin, post-acne scars, keloid scars, irritations;


- ensuring the protection of the skin against dehydration, friction and abrasion, it behaves like a covering film, protecting against the aggression of external factors that can constitute aggravating factors;


- the unique combination and synergy between the ingredients gives the following properties: maintains trophicity, nourishes and improves the appearance of the skin, ensures user comfort, moisturizing, emollient, promotes collagen production favoring the healing of skin lesions, promotes microcirculation at the skin level, capillary tonic.


Method of use:


Wash the skin under a jet of warm water with soap, or if necessary, use saline solution (physiological serum, antiseptic solution). 

After washing, pat the skin, do not rub. If using the applicator container/ointment tube/airless: remove the protective cover of the applicator or the protective membrane of the tube and apply a thin layer, then gently massage until the product is absorbed into the skin, better results are obtained after frequent uses, or a layer of 1-2 mm after which, for protection, cover with a secondary dressing (compress) that is fixed with an extensible or fixed bandage, adhesive or non-adhesive. 

The first applications change at 24 hours, then at 48 hours. It is used whenever necessary.



Helianthus oil, Olive oil, Wax, Rosin gum, Boswellia carterii extract, Chamomilla recutita extract, Calendulae officinalis flower extract, Cinnamon Camphor Bark oil, Limonene, Linalool.




50 ml