Bonilash Eyelash Growth Stimulating Serum, 3 ml

Bonilash Eyelash Growth Stimulating Serum, 3 ml

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Serum to stimulate eyelash growth.

Stimulates hair growth and lengthening ,  thickens the thread , prevents excessive hair loss nourishes, moisturizes and regenerates thread fiber.

The serum is based on the active substance bimatoprost - an effective stimulant for eyelash growth, which has a positive effect on the length and thickness of eyelashes, increasing the
number of eyelashes, strengthening and their health, as well as on the intensity of the natural color of eyelashes.

The carefully selected ingredients of the serum strengthen the fiber and root of the thread and amplify the synthesis of keratinocytes in the root of the strand, helping to improve the appearance and condition of eyelashes, accelerate their growth and thickening and thicken the structure of the strands.

How to use:
Apply in the evening, after removing makeup.

The serum is applied to clean, dry eyelids along the upper lash line, keeping the eyelid closed.

Do not apply inside the eye and on the bottom lash line. The product can be used by people who wear contact lenses (before application, the lenses will be removed), after chemotherapy, after eyelash lengthening and lengthening surgery, on permanent makeup and after dyeing eyelashes with henna.

3 ml