Build Your Joints Good Routine, 30 capsule

Build Your Joints Good Routine, 30 capsule

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Food supplement Build-Your-Joints, GOOD ROUTINE, 30 vegetable capsules, based on patented form of collagen UC-II for osteoarticular system .

A new solution for the osteoarticular system: patented form UC-II – Natural intact collagen type II, similar to that found naturally in the joint matrix.

Synergistic formula – Patented and clinically studied form of collagen associated with Vitamin D3 and standardized extracts of Salix and Turmeric
Unique mechanism of action – Minimal processing process, at low temperatures, to keep the collagen molecule intact, undenatured, in the form of a helix with three-dimensional spiral, necessary to trigger the immune response to activate the body's own capacity to restore cartilage
Joint efficiency at low doses – involves the administration of a daily dose of only 40 mg UC-II Intact collagen type II compared to most high doses of administration for products containing hydrolyzed collagen (2-3 g / day), respectively hydrolyzed collagen peptides (5-10 g / day)
Ease of administration – involves the administration of a single capsule, of small size, daily

Method of administration:
1 capsule / day, with meals, with 200ml water or according to the recommendation of the specialized consultant.

Do not use by people with allergies to aspirin (salicylates).

30 capsules