Celadrin Ointment Forte 40 g, Good Days Therapy

Celadrin Ointment Forte 40 g, Good Days Therapy

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It is recommended to take the product Celadrin Ointment Forțe in the following cases, as an adjuvant:

- for the protection and mobility of the joints, spine and muscles;
- in cases of joint, muscle or spinal discomfort;
- to slow down the degenerative processes at the level of the joints;
- in cases of stiffness in the osteoarticular apparatus;
- in cases of insufficient amount of synovial fluid;
- helps maintain postural stability;
- in cases of overuse of the locomotor system caused by the practice of sports;
- during the recovery period after accidents and injuries of the locomotor system;
- for the moisturizing effect.

Method of administration: 

Apply to affected areas in the form of a thin layer 3 - 4 times a day. This ointment was specially designed to be used outdoors

40 g