Clever Fungus Oil, 100 ml

Clever Fungus Oil, 100 ml

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Principle of action: contains Pythium oligandrum - a mycoparasite that feeds on the infectious fungi on the skin/nails. These harmful fungi have developed resistance to certain antifungal treatments, which is why scientists have been looking for effective, natural solutions.

- caring for skin prone to fungal infections
- maintaining a natural flora on the skin and fur
- caring for sensitive skin, fur with a tendency to shed excessively
- treating the effects of allergies and atopies
- recommended especially for dry and cracked skin, eczema-zones which requires additional softening.

1- Application as a bath: Shake the bottle before use. Mix 1 L of warm water (34 ° C) with 1 teaspoon of CleverFungus OIL. Use the bathing solution. Areas soaked in the CleverFungus solution must not be dried using heat sources! They will dry naturally!   

2- Apply directly to the skin: Shake the bottle before application. Wash the affected skin/fur areas beforehand with warm water. Apply by gentle massage. Excess oil can be removed after 10 minutes, using a soft paper towel. The application can be repeated several times a day.

Ingredients: Olea Europaea oil, silica, Pythium oligandrum, Tocopherol, Eucalyptus globulus oil Overdosage has no adverse effects!

Packaging: 100 ml bottle