Condrovet Force HA, 10 tablets - blister

Condrovet Force HA, 10 tablets - blister

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Condrovet Force HA, 10 tablets is a nutritional supplement recommended for dogs with joint problems.

Chondroitin sulfate is a key component of the cartilage matrix and is responsible for proper hydration. It is essential for maintaining elasticity and flexibility of the joint, reducing degeneration.

Glucosamine hydrochloride increases the synthesis of matrix components by chondrocytes. Through the synergistic action of chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine, double chondroprotection is ensured. The synovial fluid in the joints is mainly composed of hyaluronic acid. This molecule, through its lubricating properties, provides mobility to the joints.



Glucosamine hydrochloride (purity > 99%), Chondroitin sulfate (purity 100%), HyaljointDS (hyaluronic acid)


- in dogs with osteoarthritis and degenerative processes of the articular cartilages, due to advanced age, physical exertion and excessive body weight

- in large dog breeds, with a high degree of hip dysplasia, to limit the occurrence of osteoarthritis. In these cases, the veterinarian should assess the need for surgical correction

- after surgery or trauma, to ensure a better recovery of the animals

Doses and method of administration:

Condrovet Force HA is easy to administer due to the palatability of the tablets. It can be administered before, during or after a meal, as well as mixed with food. Due to its shape, the tablet can be divided to facilitate administration in small animals.

It is recommended to administer for 40 days, depending on the weight, repeating the administration 2-3 times a year, depending on the indications of the veterinarian.

The tablets are administered once a day:

   - 0-10 kg 1 tablet

   - 10-20 kg 2 tablets

   - 20-40kg 3 tablets

   - >40kg 4 tablets

Due to its unique composition, Condrovet Force HA offers a lasting effect: it keeps the animal in good condition for more than 3 months, with only 40 days of treatment. 

In chronic conditions and depending on the clinical signs, after the 40-day administration, you can continue with a maintenance administration, reducing the dose gradually, every 15 days, until a dose that is comfortable for the animal.

 Being a natural product, present in the body, it has no adverse effects. Unlike other treatments, it can be administered for long periods of time without harming the body.