Cordyang Cordiceps Sinensis extract, 10 vials

Cordyang Cordiceps Sinensis extract, 10 vials

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Cordyceps sinensis extract has been used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine for its beneficial effects on the body.
Cordyceps sinensis extract supports the body's natural defense mechanisms and contributes to maintaining the health of the respiratory system. It helps to maintain normal energy metabolism and has a general tonic effect on the body. It relieves the discomfort of tired legs.

- immunity, breathing, sexual activity, energy system, general tonic for the body, circulation, liver.

Active ingredients:
- Cordyceps Sinensis extract – 2000 mg

Method of administration:
Orally, shake the ampoule well before drinking the contents. One or two ampoules, once or twice a day, before breakfast or before bed. It can be taken with plain or mineral water, milk, fruit juice, or non-alcoholic drinks.

10 vials x 10 ml