Cream for pigmented skin Cicabio, SPF 50+, 30 ml, Bioderma

Cream for pigmented skin Cicabio, SPF 50+, 30 ml, Bioderma

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2-in-1 treatment that repairs and protects damaged skin at risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (brown spots) following exposure to the sun.

- helps rebuild damaged skin exposed to the sun by acting along each stage of the biological process of epidermal reconstruction, limiting the risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (brown spots);
- the synergistic combination of resveratrol, copper and Centella asiatica favors a high-quality epidermal restoration;
- reduces the risk of hyperpigmentation of scars due to very high sun protection;
- antibacterial agents (copper-zinc) clean the skin;
- the Antalgicine patent quickly relieves the feeling of discomfort and reduces the impulse to scratch;
- its moisturizing texture, based on hyaluronic acid, is non-greasy and ensures optimal skin comfort.

How to use:
Apply Cicabio SPF 50+ to the affected area until the skin is completely repaired.
Reapply frequently if exposed to the sun.
Avoid application in the eye contour area.

30 ml