Dermazin cream, 50 g

Dermazin cream, 50 g

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Dermazin is mainly indicated in the treatment and prophylaxis of infections caused by burns in burn patients.

Dermazin is also intended for the treatment and prophylaxis of infections in pressure ulcers, varicose ulcers, abrasions, minor traumatic wounds, in incisions and other clean wounds on portions from which skin grafts were taken.

Treatment can be applied immediately after assessing the extent and depth of burn wounds.

After cleaning the area and removing the devitalized tissues, Dermazin cream is applied in a layer 2-4 mm thick on the surface of the burn or, preferably, applied to a sterile gauze that is placed over the wound.

Application of the cream can be done with a sterile spatula or glove. The burn is lubricated with cream once a day. In severe burns the cream is reapplied daily.

The duration of treatment for superficial burns depends on the degree of the lesion from a few days, to a month, at most. Surgical intervention is required only in the event that after a month of treatment with Dermazin no cure is reached.

Before each application of the cream, the wound will be washed under a jet of antiseptic solution, to remove the remnants of the cream and the exudate that appears in abundance after applying the Dermazin cream, with the appearance of pus by color, but in reality aseptic.

Dermazin cream is indicated for repeated applications to a single patient. Application of the cream is painless. Does not stain clothes and bed linen.

50 g