Dermoscent Bio Balm 50ml

Dermoscent Bio Balm 50ml

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For the care of dry skin on the paws and nose, treating decubital calluses and interdigital abrasions.
It is a soothing, restorative ointment for the skin, composed of 100% organic natural ingredients, rich in essential fatty acids, Omega 3 and 6 coming from pamlier oils and soy seeds that provide vital nutrients to damaged skin.

Target species: Dogs

Cajput oil has a calming and antiseptic action preventing the infection of skin wounds.
Use on the affected areas, truffle or cracked pillows with thickened skin.
It absorbs quickly and is waterproof. It does not contain mineral or petroleum-based oil.
Natural Soothing Moisturizer Non-Greasy

Indications: It is used 2-3 times / day

Soybean oil, palm oil, acetylic palmitate, allantoin, cajput essential oil, excipients of 100% vegetable origin
Packaging: 50 ml