Dermoscent Cicafolia for dogs and cats, 30 ml

Dermoscent Cicafolia for dogs and cats, 30 ml

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CICAFOLIA - Dermatological regenerator for dogs and cats

Cicafolia is an innovative and effective dermatological regenerator for supporting the integrity of sensitive skin for dogs and cats.
It provides a triple action for creating the environment favorable for skin reconstruction: it repairs, purifies and protects.

Cicafolia forms a protective film, an invisible and non-lockable "smart patch", isolating the affected skin from external aggressions. Cicafolia provides immediate comfort to animals suffering from lesions of the epidermis.
It does not sting and the bitter taste prevents the animal from licking the treated area.


Neem leaves extract: provides an antiseptic action, being rich in EFA, favors the regeneration of the skin and strengthens its barrier function.
Essential oils of acjputi: provide the product with antiseptic properties

Rice extract: has a calming effect
Croton Lecheri resin extract: antiseptic and healing properties
Water with silicon: provides a "trophic action" to stimulate cell regeneration naturally
Indications for use: Disinfect and apply daily directly to the affected skin, several times, as long as necessary, until complete healing.

Recommendations: Cicafolia is ideal for postoperative use, for the treatment of piotraumatic dermatitis (hot spots), first-degree burns, superficial lesions and slow-healing wounds due to licking, old age or medical conditions of the animal give due to difficult environmental conditions.

Presentation Braille box: Cicafolia gel serum for dogs and cats- bottle with pump 30 ml.