Dermoscent Pyo Clean Oto 10x5ml

Dermoscent Pyo Clean Oto 10x5ml

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Purifies and cleans the external ear duct for optimal management of external otitis in dogs and cats

Indications PYO clean Oto is a 100% product based on natural ingredients, for cleaning and purifying the ears, specially adapted for optimizing the management of external otitis.

Packaged in monodoses, PYOclean Oto offers both an accurate dosage and the avoidance of the risk of cross-contamination. It has a "3-in-1" action that allows to clean, purify and calm the external auditory duct, in an effective and safe way thanks to the non irritating formula with a physiological pH.

•PhytoC-2, patented plant extract from hemp flowers: antifungal and antibacterial
properties •Propolis: antibacterial and anti-inflammatory
properties •Red myrtle essential oils: antiseptic properties
•Lipo amino acids from green apple: natural and a mild

gent cerumino Litic Indications for use

Shake well before use.

Break and remove the cap(1), insert the entire contents of a monodose into the external auditory canal (2), massage from the base of the ear to the external auditory duct orifice (3) and wipe the excess product.

Use a monodose for each ear individually. Use as long as necessary.
Recommendations Based on a soap-free formula and with natural ingredients with physiological pH, PYOclean OTO is safe for frequent use, without side effects even for the most sensitive ears.
Due to its ceruminolitic and purifying action, PYOclean OTO is also recommended for animals with recurrent otitis, helping to restore epithelial transition and prepare the external auditory duct for treatment administration.

Shelf life 36 months from the date of manufacture.

Presentation 10 monodoses of 5 ml (0.16 fl. Oz) for dogs and cats.