Detoxifying complex, 40 tablets

Detoxifying complex, 40 tablets

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- provides a rich intake of nutrients and bioactive substances necessary in supplementing the diet to neutralize and eliminate toxins from the body, through a pronounced detoxification action, as a result of the synergistic activity between the vegetable extracts present in the formula;
- favors the elimination of metabolic degradation products (catabolites) accumulated in the blood and hepatotoxic substances (alcohol, drugs, other toxic chemicals) harmful to the normal functioning of the liver;
- positive influence in the normalization of blood cholesterol levels;
- detoxifying action on the central nervous system and other organs and tissues;
- participates in the neutralization of some allergenic substances and removes allergic manifestations to some chemicals and allergens in the environment;
- intervenes favorably in physiological disorders, mainly digestive ones by
consuming spoiled foods, soft drinks or energy drinks with food additives and / or chemical dyes;
- ensures general well-being.

- 1 - 2 tablets for sucking,  3 - 4 times a day 15 minutes before main meals or at the recommendation of the specialist. It can be administered in prolonged courses.

The product does NOT contain lactose!

40 tablets