Dog antiparasitic collar, large size, 75 cm

Dog antiparasitic collar, large size, 75 cm

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Collar for dogs, against fleas and ticks with a 5-month effect.

This is a modern collar for dogs, effective against ticks and fleas. The new production technology and the different shape of the collar strap ensure a uniform and long-lasting release of the three active ingredients: permethrin, imidacloprid and geraniol. The collar is effective for a period of 5 months. The effects of the collar are visible after only 5 hours after application.

The production technology and innovative shape of the collar, provided with special grooves, ensures a uniform and long-lasting release of biocidal substances.


Permethrin - 50g/1kg, Imidacloprid - 10g/1kg, Geraniol - 5g/1kg


The collar must be removed from the sealed packaging, adjusted to the circumference of the dog's neck and fastened accordingly. The collar is waterproof and must stay on the animal's neck all the time. A shiny appearance of the collar is a natural effect of the production process and gradually disappears during use. ADJUST TO THE CIRCUMFERENCE OF THE DOG'S NECK AND CUT.

CAREFUL!It can cause an allergic reaction on the skin. If you need medical assistance, present the product container or label. Avoid release into the environment. IN CASE OF SKIN CONTACT: Wash with plenty of water and soap. Dispose of the contents/container at an authorized entity with waste collection. Contains Geraniol. It can cause an allergic reaction. Used collars must be disposed of as household waste. Return the unused product to an authorized entity. Store in closed containers, away from food and keep out of reach of children.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: DO NOT use for cats, DO NOT use for puppies under 3 months of age, DO NOT use for sick or convalescent animals!