Ear cleaner, Epi-Otic, 125 ml

Ear cleaner, Epi-Otic, 125 ml

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- Salicylic acid 0.2%
- Sodium
docusate - Parachloroometaxilenol (PCMX)
- Monosaccharides


The new Epi-Otic formula is a solution with a high degree of tolerance, designed specifically for the prevention and treatment of external otitis in dogs and cats. The originality of the formula is based on the complementarity of the action of the main associated ingredients, in a formula with excellent cleansing properties.
Salicylic acid associated with sodium docusate allows an elimination of cellular deposits and excess earwax from the ear canal. PCMX paired with EDTA contributes to the restoration of the microbial balance of the auditory canal.
The exclusive association with monosaccharides provides an anti-irritant effect and limits the adhesion of microorganisms to the surface of the skin.


Epi-Otic is used in dogs and cats in the prevention of otitis in predisposed animals, or in the pretreatment of purulent or cerumeno-erythematous otitis.

Dosage and administration:

2-3 times a week for routine use, before each treatment for otitis externa or on the recommendation of the veterinarian.

In cleaning the ear canal with severe external otitis or administration 30 minutes before treatment with otic solution. If you can not maintain this interval, then carefully clean the ear canal with a cotton swab.
Shake before use. Twist the white cap, then apply Epi-Otic to the ear canal, gently massage into the base of the ear, then remove the excess product with the help of a cotton swab.
Do not use in case of breakage of the tympanic membrane.


125 ml bottle