Ectocid Herba antiparasitic shampoo, 200 ml, Promedivet

Ectocid Herba antiparasitic shampoo, 200 ml, Promedivet

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Natural product recommended as an adjunct in the treatment of flea, tick and lice infestations in dogs and cats.

Shampoo with natural substances, also recommended for sanitizing and refreshing skin and coat in dogs and cats. Removes excess grease, dirt and unpleasant odors. Gives shine and shine to the coat.

How to use:
For external use, moisten your dog's coat with warm water, then apply and disperse the shampoo throughout its body. After 5-10 minutes of action, remove the shampoo by repeatedly rinsing with warm water. Dry the fur with a towel or warm air.

Tanacetum cynerariifolium flowers extract

Avoid direct contact with eyes and sensitive areas (genitals). Do not use in sick, convalescent animals, animals with hepatic and renal insufficiency. Do not use in pregnant females and lactation. Animals washed with shampoo should be observed until their fur is dry. Keep out of reach of children. Do not swallow. Do not reuse the vial after emptying.

200 ml