Emetix Energy Stick, 10 sachets, Fiterman

Emetix Energy Stick, 10 sachets, Fiterman

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It is a sugar-free energy booster, contains a complex of 2 amino acids, caffeine and 4 vitamins that support activities carried out at any time of the day, the shape of the sachet is practical, easy and quick to administer – directly on the tongue, it has a pleasant taste.

How to use:
1 sachet per day. Open the envelope, unload the contents on the tongue and let it melt in your mouth.

Active ingredients (Quantity/sachet):
Taurine 200.00 mg , Inositol 100.00 mg, Caffeine 20.00 mg, Vitamin B3 – 5.28 mg, Vitamin B5 – 1.98 mg ,Vitamin B6 – 0.46 mg ,Vitamin B12 – 0.825 ;

10 sachets