Emetix Hangover Energy, 10

Emetix Hangover Energy, 10

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- can contribute to the reduction of fatigue and the normal functioning of the nervous system;
- it can reduce the discomfort associated with nausea or vomiting;
- It can invigorate the body, maintain the ability to concentrate at an optimal level.

Method of administration:
Adults: 1 effervescent tablet per day, as needed. It is administered after waking up.
The tablet is dissolved in 250 ml of water.

Active ingredients per tablet:
1000 mg Taurine., 80 mg Guarana extract (Paullinia cupana) standardized to caffeine 10%., 26 mg Caffeine ,0.8 mg Vitamin B2., 9 mg Niacin., 6 mg pantothenic acid. ,1.3 mg Vitamin B6 3.3 μg Vitamin B12., 7 kcal/tablet.

10 effervescent tablets