Evomec 1% Iverm. for treatment of Live, Mites, Ticks, Worm

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EVOMEC 1% Iverm

TARGET SPECIES: Cattle, sheep, goats, pigs:

INDICATIONS: In cattle, it is administered in the treatment and prevention of infestations with:
- Gastrointest worms : Ostert Spp., Haemonch Spp., Trichostrong Spp., Coop Spp., Oesophagost rad, Nemato Spp., Strongy papil, Bunost phlebot, Tox vitul.
- Lung worms: Dictyoca vivipar..
- Myiasis: Hypoder bovis (on migratory larv of stage L1), Dermatob homin.
- Lice: Linognat vituli, Haema euryste, Solenopo capil, Damilin bovis.
- Mites: Sarcopt scab var bovis, Choriopt bovis, Psorop bovis.
- Ticks: Ixo Spp., Rhipicep Spp., Booph microplus.
In sheep and goats, it is administered in the treatment and prevention of infestations with:
- Gastrointest wor: Haemon cont, Ostert Spp., Trichostron axei, Nematod Spp., Coop curtic Oesoph Spp., Chaber ovina, Trich ovis, Strong papil, Gaige pachy.
- Lung worms: Dictyoc filiar, Prostrong rufescens.
- Nasal worms: Oestr ovis.
- Mites: Psorop ovis, Sarc scab.
In pigs, it is administered in the treatment and prevention of infestations with:
- Gastroint wor: Hyostron rubid, Asca suum, Oesophago Spp., Strong ransomi, Trich suis.
- Lung wor: Metastro Spp.
- Yeanlingney wor: Stephan dentatus.
- Lice: Haem suis.
- Mites: Sarc scab var. suis.

1 ml of solution for inj contains:
Active substances:
Iverm……………………….…………………….… 10 mg
Excipients: glyc formal, propyl glyc.

It is not inj intramusc or intraven.
It is not administered in the case of hypersensitivity to the active substance or to any of the excipients.
Do not administer in species other than those indicated, as serious adverse reactions may occur.

Transient edem and a mild inflam reaction may occur at the administration site. If you notice any serious reactions or other effects not stated in this leaflet, please inform your veterinarian.

EVOM is administered subcut in the following doses, depending on the species and weight:

1 ml of EVOM is administered for 50 kg body weight.

evomec cattle

For prop of hypoderm: 0.1 ml of EVOMEC per animal (1 mg of iver), during October – December.

Sheep, goats:
0.5 ml of EVOM is administered for 25 kg body weight.

evomec sheep

1 ml of EVOM is administered subcut on the sides of the neck for 33 kg body weight:

evomec pigs

Treatment program recommended for pigs:
1. Breeding animals:
The sows are treated 7 to 14 days before farrowing, in order to reduce the danger of inf the piglets;
The gilts are treated 7 to 14 days before copulation and also 7 to 14 days before farrowing.
The boars must be treated twice a year. The frequency of the treatments depends on the exposure to the inf.
2. Fattening animals:
All pigs are transferred to the fattening facility must be treated before being inserted into clean units.
In a paras control program it is important to treat the entire herd/flock of animals.
In ruminants, the treatment is applied twice a year (in spring and in autumn) in a single dose, and in the case of mange, the treatment is repeated at 10 – 14 days.

In order to ensure a proper dosage, the body weight must be determined as accurately as possible, and the accuracy of the dosing device must be verified.

Meat and offal: Cattle – 49 days, goats, pigs – 28 days, sheep – 21 days.
The use on lactating animals producing milk for human consumption is not authorized.

Keep out of the reach and sight of children.
Store at a temperature below 25ºC.
Store in the original packaging.
Keep away from frost.
Keep away from direct light.
Do not use after the expiration date stated on the bottle.
Shelf life after the first opening of the primary packaging: 28 days

Bottles : x 50 ml, x 100 ml, x 200 ml, x 250 ml, x 500 ml
Not all pack sizes may be marketed.