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Exoderil cream, 10 mg/g, 15 g, Sandoz



Exoderil is indicated in: mycotic skin or skin fold infections (Tinea corporis, Tinea guinalis); interdigital mycoses (Tinea manum, Tinea pedum); fungal nail infections; candida skin infections; pityriasis versicolor; inflammatory dermatomycoses (with or without pruritus).


Exoderil is an antimycotic agent intended for external applications. The active substance of the product is naftifine. Naftifine is active against dermatophyte skin fungi, e.g. trichophyton, microsporon and epidermophyton species), yeasts (Candida species, Pityriasis versicolor), fungi (Aspergillus species) and other fungi (eg Sporothrix schenkii). For dermatophytes and Aspergillus species, naftifine is fungicidal. in vitro. In the case of yeasts, naftifin is either fungicidal or fungistatic depending on the type of strain involved. 


In addition to its antimycotic action, naftifine also has antibacterial activity acting on a wide range of gram-positive or gram-negative microorganisms that frequently appear in association with mycotic disease. 


From a clinical point of view, naftifine has also been shown to have intrinsic anti-inflammatory action, leading to a rapid reduction of inflammatory symptoms, especially pruritus. 


Because it quickly penetrates the skin and is present in persistent antimycotic concentrations in the different layers of the skin, the product Exoderil can be administered only once a day in local applications.


Method of administration:

Administer in local applications only on the skin or nails. Exoderil is applied locally once a day to the affected area as well as the neighboring areas after they have been cleaned and dried beforehand. To prevent recurrences, it is recommended to administer Exoderil for at least another 2 weeks after clinical healing.


15 g