Exoderil Set of med nail polish, 50 mg/ml, 2.5 ml, Fungal nail infections in adults

Exoderil Set of med nail polish, 50 mg/ml, 2.5 ml, Fungal nail infections in adults

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Exoderil Set 50 mg/ml med nail polish is used to treat fungal nail infections in adults. It should only be used if the upper half or sides of the nail are affected.

The active substance, amorolfin, prevents the development of fungi and destroys them.
Exoderil Set 50 mg/ml medicinal nail polish works against a wide range of fungal species sensitive to amorolfin, such as yeasts, skin fungi and moulds. However, bacteria are not sensitive to amorolfin.

For topical use. Apply to affected nails.
Before each application, the affected areas of the nails (especially the nail surface) should be filed as much as possible with a nail file supplied with the packaging. After that, the surface of the nail is cleaned and degreased with a napkin, dipped in a nail polish remover, supplied with the packaging. Before each application of Exoderil Set 50 2 mg/ml med nail polish, this removal and cleaning process should be repeated to remove existing varnish residues. Attention! The nail files used for treatment should not be used later for the care of healthy nails.
After that, nail polish is applied with a spatula to the entire surface of the affected nail and allowed to dry. For each nail to be treated, the spatula should be soaked in nail polish. Attention! The spatula should not be wiped by the neck of the bottle.

After use, the spatula should be cleaned with a napkin dipped in solution for cleaning nail polish. It is important for the patient to wash their hands after applying Exoderil Set 50 mg/ml med nail polish. If Exoderil Set 50 mg/ml med nail polish is applied to fingernails, users should wait for the varnish to dry before washing their hands.

Treatment should be continued without interruption until the nail regenerates and the infected surfaces are treated completely. Generally, the duration of treatment is 6 months for fingernails and between 9 and 12 months for toenails (the period depends on the severity, location and surface of the infection). If no improvement is observed after 3 months of use, medical advice should be sought.

2,5 ml