Folrex Pets, 30 ml

Folrex Pets, 30 ml

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Folrex Pets is a supplement indicated in the therapy of dysplasia and arthrosis, to relieve pain and inflammation.

Folrex Pets is a natural supplement that helps restore mobility and increases the quality of life.

The supplement has an analgesic effect, without side effects, and has a chondroprotective action, being indicated in pain control after orthopedic surgeries.

Folrex Pets can be administered long-term to pets, regardless of their age.

It is a good adjuvant in therapy for arthritis, arthrosis and dysplasia, being a supplement without contraindications.

Ingredient: hydrolyzed chitin 18 g, maltodextrin 0.15 g.

Nutritional additives: arginine 1.5 g, folic acid 0.99 mg, L-cysteine ​​0.75 g, liver flavor 0.6 g, potassium sorbet 0.3 g, sodium benzoate 0.3 g, qsad water 150 ml.

Analytical constituents: proteins 5.7g, carbohydrates 3.3g, fats 0.23g. Energy 38Kcal (159.1 Kj).

It is applied to the daily portion of food.Dogs and cats: 1 ml/ every 5 kg of animal weight/ every 12 hours.For other animal species 1 ml twice/day.