Guard Your Liver Good Routine, 30 capsule

Guard Your Liver Good Routine, 30 capsule

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- based on essential phospholipids and silymarin for liver support;
- 900 mg essential phospholipids and 100 mg silymarin per administration;
This natural complex can facilitate the transport of the two compounds from the intestine into the bloodstream for superior absorption.
- may potentiate protective and supportive actions of liver health compared to those of silymarin and phospholipids administered individually;
- increased antioxidant activity, the standardized extract in silymarin from milk thistle fruit contains, among other active principles, silibine and isosilibins A and B, the main compounds for silymarin activity;
- high content of essential phospholipids 900 mg per administration.

1-2 capsules / day, with meals, with 200 ml water or according to the recommendation of the specialized consultant.

Do not store above 25°C.

30 capsules