Hawthorn Extract, 10 Vials

Hawthorn Extract, 10 Vials

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Anti-stress food supplement, for blood circulation and the nervous system
Hawthorn leaf extract contributes to protecting cells against stress, a beneficial effect proven by scientists. Through the flavonoids it contains, Hawthorn helps the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system and the maintenance of normal blood pressure values. In addition, Hawthorn contributes to maintaining mental health.

- antioxidant, stress, circulation, tension, nervous system.

Active ingredients:
- Hawthorn extract (Crataegus Pinnatifida) – 3000 mg.

Method of administration:
Only for adults: orally, one or two ampoules, once or twice a day. The product may sediment after a longer storage time, but the quality is not affected. Shake the bottle well before use. It can be taken with plain or mineral water, milk, fruit juice or other non-alcoholic drinks.