Humanofort, 60 capsules

Humanofort, 60 capsules

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- is a standardized extract of embryonic peptides, belonging to the class of oligopeptides, which may have antioxidant properties;

- Humanofort embryonic oligopeptides administered orally are absorbed unchanged from the digestive tract and can contribute to increasing tissue antioxidant activity, decreasing the content of lipid peroxides in serum (consequence of reducing the effect of activated forms of oxygen generically called 'free radicals'), decreasing somatic cell mortality, decreasing circulating immune complexes, increasing the degree of adaptation of the body due to increasing serum levels of corticosteroid and corticosexual hormones;

- due to the action of embryonic peptides can contribute to slowing down aging processes;

It can help improve sleep quality, improve memory, and boost nonspecific immunity.
- can help improve sexual dynamics and libido;
- It can also be useful in states of physical debility, overwork, asthenia, denutrition, convalescence.

It is taken orally, 2-4 capsules per day, in two doses, before meals.

Standardized embryonic peptide extract, HPMC capsule, Maltodextrin, rice powder, seleniated yeast, zinc sulfate heptahydrate, silicon dioxide, prioxidine hydrochloride (Vitamin b6).

60 capsules