Impruvis Probiotic Fast Melt 10 sachets, normal intestinal flora

Impruvis Probiotic Fast Melt 10 sachets, normal intestinal flora

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- has excellent adhesion to the intestinal walls, stimulating the multiplication of beneficial bacteria and restoration of normal intestinal flora;
May help reduce the number, severity, and duration of respiratory infections.
It can help restore intestinal flora damaged by antibiotic use.
It can help stimulate the development of the immune system.

- very easy to administer to both children and adults;
- no dyes;
- without preservatives;
- gluten or lactose free;
- No sugar.

How to use:
For children over 1 year old and adults – 1 sachet Fast Melt / day (1g).

In case of immediate need, 2 sachets / day.

Open the sachet, place the powder directly into the oral cavity, without the need for water.

Dissolves instantly on the tongue. Alternatively, you can put the powder on food.

It can be administered for long periods of time – 1 year.

In case of using antibiotics in parallel, it is recommended to administer the Impruvis sachet 2-3 hours before or 2-3 hours after antibiotic treatment. Administration should continue for 5 days after completion of antibiotic therapy.

10 sachets