Lactase Drops for Colic Infant Drops, 7 ml

Lactase Drops for Colic Infant Drops, 7 ml

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It is used at every infant meal until the age of 3-4 months, at which time the symptoms associated with colic should disappear.

Then you should gradually remove the colief drops, moving from taking them at each meal, to alternating use, then to using them only once a day, and finally to their total withdrawal.

If it happens that, at a certain level, signs of discomfort recur, return to the previous dosage.
It contains the natural enzyme lactase, which added to milk breaks down lactose into simple sugars: glucose and galactose. Thus, food is easier to digest and assimilate, providing all the necessary nutrients and energy for the harmonious development of the child.

- contains only natural, non-genetically modified ingredients: lactase enzyme, glycerin and water;
- made from a mushroom ferment;
- does not contain animal products, nor preservatives and dyes;
- can be used from birth;
- Do not use in infants with allergy to any of the components;
- has no side effects;
- add to milk, do not administer directly to the infant (acts in milk, not in his body);
- works best in warm milk (neither hot nor cold);
- dose according to the feeding norms adopted by WHO for infants, adding to each milk meal;
It can lead to changing the stools of artificially fed infants, that is, they become similar to those of breastfed infants;
- when overdosing, a pronounced laxative effect can be observed;
- produced in Ireland;

Active ingredients:
Lactase, an enzyme that exists naturally in the body.

Ingredients per 7 ml:
Glycerol 4.2 g, water 3.7 g and lactase enzyme 0.1 g.

How to use:
The daily dosage depends on the age of the infant and the number of meals:

- 0-3 months – 7 meals,

- 4 months – 6 meals.

Single dose: 4 drops with each meal.
Maximum daily dose: age 0-3 months - 28 drops, at 4 months - 24 drops The
drops are added to the child's milk. Do not administer directly to the infant.
Do not add Colief to milk that is too hot or too cold.

7 ml