Men's Power Solaray, 60 capsules

Men's Power Solaray, 60 capsules

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The complex formula that combines amino acids and plant extracts, with a role in supporting male sexual function.

- contains 9 plant extracts, 3 amino acids, royal jelly and zinc for complex action
- contains citrulline, 350mg/capsule, precursor of L-arginine, with a role in potentiating its action
- in capsule form vegetables, which can also be administered in vegetarian/vegan diets

Effects and benefits:
Erectile dysfunction is a common manifestation that impacts health, quality of life and interpersonal relationships. In men, erectile dysfunction is characterized by the constant inability to maintain normal erectile function.
 - good functioning of the male sexual system 
- supports erectile function and sexual capacity 
- ​​maintaining normal sexual activity and energy 
- supporting the synthesis of nitric oxide, a compound that favors vasodilatation, relaxation and maintaining the elasticity of blood vessels, with a positive effect in supporting erectile function 
- supporting male reproductive function by:
- ​​maintaining fertility and normal blood testosterone concentrations (zinc)
- maintaining sperm mobility 
- supporting the balancing of the oxidant/antioxidant status involved in supporting the number physiological of sperm
- support in the process of cell division 
- the body's adaptation to stress factors:
- supports physical and mental performance 
- supports the body's resistance to stress and balancing the emotional state
- reduces fatigue and helps increase vitality 
- supports the physiological resistance of of the body and the health of the immune system 
- supporting the health of the cardiovascular system by:
- ​​maintaining normal endothelial function: support in reducing the progression of cholesterol plaque in blood vessels and maintains normal blood lipid levels 
- oxygenation of the heart muscle 
- blood purification 
- maintaining the health of hair, nails and skin 
- supporting the energy metabolism of the muscle cell by participating in the hepatic synthesis of creatine with a role in muscle contraction 

Method of administration:
2 capsules/day at meals, with 200ml of water or as recommended by the specialist consultant.

60 vegetable capsules