Migra Defense Shell, 30 Tablets, Secom

Migra Defense Shell, 30 Tablets, Secom

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Complex formula with a role in reducing the frequency and manifestations of migraines.

Effects and benefits:
- reduction of the frequency, severity and duration of migraines and their associated manifestations (headache, visual disturbances, numbness or stinging sensation in the hands or face, nausea, vomiting, increased sensitivity to light, auditory or olfactory stimuli) by reducing the activation of the trigeminal-vascular and serotonergic systems;
- increasing the effectiveness of allopathic therapy in the acute phase of migraine;
- reduction of allergic IgE reactions mediated at the vascular, gastrointestinal, bronchial, cutaneous, cerebral and ocular levels;
- normal functioning of the nervous system;
- increased energy and vitality;
- reducing fatigue and fatigue by stimulating the adrenal glands.

Method of administration:
2 tablets/day, as needed or as recommended by the specialist consultant.

30 tablets