Nasal Aspirator Baby

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Influenza is a very common disease of children. 

One of the biggest problems is that babies and toddlers still can't blow their noses and it takes a while before newborns and babies learn to breathe through their mouths. 

For this reason, the secretions accumulated in the nose make breathing much more difficult, cause indispositions and can even become the source of other health-damaging complications: otitis, sinusitis and lower respiratory tract disease. 

It is therefore important to systematically eliminate the nasal secretion and release the nasal turbinates. 

The nasal aspirator connected to the vacuum cleaner serves this purpose adequately. 

This tool removes the secretions from the baby's nose in such a way that this operation is not irritating, but effective. The tool vacuums through the vacuum, but not with the power of the vacuum.


How to use:

The baby or child will be fixed in a sitting position. 

The suction head marked with A completely blocks the nose from one side. The tool automatically adjusts its suction power!

Aspiration must be continued with interruptions of a few seconds, until the secretion flows.

 The suction head inserted in the nasal opening can be moved up, down and sideways. 

Aspiration can be repeated daily several times until the flu is cured.


Method of sterilization:

It is recommended to sterilize the instruments by boiling (suction ends marked with A).



1. The suction head marked with A will be inserted in the part marked with B.

2. We put the household vacuum cleaner into operation.

3. We insert the part marked with C into the flexible tube of the household vacuum cleaner.



Remove the part marked with C from the household vacuum cleaner in operation, then disconnect the household vacuum cleaner.