Neuroprotect, supplement for dogs and cats, bottle 45 capsules

Neuroprotect, supplement for dogs and cats, bottle 45 capsules

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Category: Supplements.

Neuroprotect is a dietary supplement for dogs and cats made after a natural formula, rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, trace elements and fatty acids. It also contains oceanic water (AquaminMg, Aquamin F) and cold dried powder of fermented seaweed with a role in correcting the vitamin-mineral deficiency.

Therapeutic indications
The period of growth and development of young animals;
Convalescence period.

Health Benefits

Provides the necessary vitamin-mineral intake in the case of old animals, as well as for young ones in the period of musculo-bone development;
Improves immune and neurological function;
The elements it contains are absorbed by the body with ease;
The product is 100% vegan.
Target species: dogs, cats.
Method of administration
The capsules are administered orally, together with the daily food.

Recommended dose
Dogs: one Neuroprotect capsule / 10 kg body weight / day;
Cats: 1/2 Neuroprotect capsule/day.
Contraindications: there are no.
Adverse reactions: not reported.
Packaging presentation: Neuroprotect, bottle x 45 capsules.
Storage conditions
Store in a cool place and away from moisture in the original packaging.