Omega 3 for children, 60 chewable capsules, Lysi

Omega 3 for children, 60 chewable capsules, Lysi

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- chewable capsules with Omega-3 fish oil and vitamin D,
- pleasant fruit aroma,
- for children over 4-6 years, 1-3 capsules / day,
- for people who have difficulty swallowing liquid oil or simple capsules,
- for growth, fortification and harmonious, vigorous development of the body,
- for strength, vitality and immunity,
- for healthy bones and teeth.

The positive effects of Omega-3 DHA and EPA on the nervous and cardiovascular systems and joints have been confirmed by numerous scientific studies. Omega-3s can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and play an important role in the development of the brain and central nervous system and eyes, being a basic constituent of the brain and retina. For children, in particular, Omega-3 helps cognitive development, stabilize mood, attention, improve memory and learning capacity, relieve ADHD; also protects the heart from exertion, lowers cholesterol levels, increases vitality and endurance, supporting movement and performance; reduces stress and fatigue.

Recommended daily dose for children over 4 years and adults: 3 capsules

60 capsules