Otodines 100 ml
Otodines 100 ml
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Otodines 100 ml

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For sanitizing the external ear canal, removing excess earwax and coadjuvant in the framework of bacterial otitis therapy.

Cleaning solution for dogs and cats.

Composition Chlorhexidine digluconate 0.15%, active against microorganisms sensitive
tris EDTA

As an adjunct in cases of:

Bacterial otitis, especially Gram negative (Pseudomonas)
Chronic / relapsing bacterial otitis
Instructions for use

Samples are collected for diagnostic purposes.
The auricular canal is cleaned with Chlorexyderm Oto piu, Otoact or Otoprof.
Instill a few drops of otodines into the ear canal, carefully to avoid contamination.
Massage the base of the ear for at least 1 minute, to allow the solution to reach the desired place.
With the index finger wrapped in gauze remove the excess solution and until all the residues of cerumen have been removed.

In the case of a chronic recurrent otitis, a topical antibiotic can be applied in the ear 10 minutes after the application of Otodine.
It is applied once or twice a day for a minimum of 2 weeks, according to the veterinarian's instructions.