Paduden Rapid Forte, 400 mg, 10 tablets

Paduden Rapid Forte, 400 mg, 10 tablets

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Paduden Rapid Forte is used for short-term symptomatic treatment of:

- mild to moderate pain such as headache, migraine, dental pain, dysmenorrhea, muscle pain, back pain, rheumatic pain,- fever,

- fever and cold and flu symptoms.

For rheumatic pain, it should be used only on the recommendation of a doctor.
Paduden Rapid Forte is indicated for use in adults and adolescents over 12 years of age and weighing at least 40 kg.


This is intended for short-term use only. You should take the lowest dose for the shortest time needed to relieve symptoms.

Use in adults and adolescents weighing more than 40 kg (12 years or older):
- Take 1 tablet with water, up to three times daily as needed.
- Leave at least six hours between doses.
- Do not take more than three tablets (1200 mg of ibuprofen) in 24 hours.

Children and adolescents:
Do not give this med to children under 12 years of age and adolescents weighing less than 40 kg.
Paduden Rapid Forte has a midline of tear on one face. The dividing line is only intended to help you break the tablet if you have difficulty swallowing it whole.

10 film-coated tablets