Parasinus, 20 tablets

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Parasinus is indicated in: 

- the prophylaxis and treatment of inflammation of the nasal mucosa (rhinitis) of an allergic and vasomotor nature and for the symptomatic treatment of the common cold and flu (for the relief of sneezing, rhinorrhea, nasal and sinus congestion, fever, headache, watery eyes , muscle pain and sinus pain) and for the symptomatic treatment of mild and moderate pain with different locations: headache, neck pain, joint or back pain, toothache, pain during the menstrual cycle, neuralgia, migraines.

Method of administration:

For oral administration.
You should always use the lowest effective dose recommended to relieve your symptoms.
The tablets will be administered half an hour before meals; it is recommended to swallow the tablets with a sufficient amount of liquid.
Minimum interval between administrations: 4 hours.
Do not exceed the recommended dose or frequency of administration.

20 tablets