Pyoclean Mousse for dogs and cats, 150 ml

Pyoclean Mousse for dogs and cats, 150 ml

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 PYOclean Mousse - No-rinse cleansing and purifying foam for dogs and cats

Indications: Cleansing and purifying foam, without rinsing, based on 100% natural active ingredients, specially designed for animals subject to skin infections (pyoderma and Malassezia dermatitis).

It helps to reduce the frequency of shampooing. Specially designed for dogs and cats (physiological pH) for: 

  • Removal of dirt and pathogens 

  • Ensuring an antiseptic action on the lesions 

  • Control of the proliferation of pathogens 

  • Rebalancing the skin flora 

  • Soothing irritations 

  • Skin hydration 

  • Restoring the skin's barrier function while restructuring the epidermis

Key Ingredients:

  • N-Acetylcysteine ​​(from natural amino acids): with antibacterial and antibiofilm properties

  • Manuka essential oil: antimicrobial and antibiofilm properties

  • Propolis: antimicrobial properties

  • Lavender essential oil: purifying, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties

  • Honey: healing, protection

  • Hemp seed oil: rich in essential fatty acids (Omega 3 and 6) that the body cannot synthesize, restructuring properties

  • Vegetable Glycerin: Humectant to reduce discomfort and itching

Directions for use: Shake the product before use.

Apply the product and massage in the opposite direction of hair growth. Remove dirt and pathogens with a clean towel.

Brush the fur after it is completely dry.

It is recommended to use twice a week (if used alone).

In case of skin infections, it is recommended to wear gloves to avoid any contamination with pathogens.