Roll-on against excessive sweating Transpiblock, 50 ml

Roll-on against excessive sweating Transpiblock, 50 ml

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Roll-on for the armpit.
Neutral scent - intended for both women and men.
Excessive sweating causes discomfort and can become an embarrassing problem around others.
Transpiblock works effectively thanks to the formula based on alcohol and aluminum chloride, which reacts with water from the sweat gland to form a plug that stops sweating, and the plug dissolves naturally after a few days.
A single application provides protection from 3 to 5 days.
During this period of time, concomitant use of another antiperspirant is not necessary.

To use:
Transpiblock is applied in the evening to clean, dry skin.
Wait until the armpit is dry again.
In the morning, the skin is washed with soap and water, without the need to reapply the product.
In the first week of use it is recommended to use Transpiblock once every 2 days, and from the second week it will be applied once every 3 days.


For external use only.
Do not apply after epilation!
In the first days of use there is a possibility of manifestations of such effects as: redness, itching, stinging.
Do not apply to injured skin.
Keep out of reach and sight of small children!