Rosacta cream, 50 g, relief of minor muscle and joint pain

Rosacta cream, 50 g, relief of minor muscle and joint pain

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Rosacta cream, containing volatile oil of rosemary, is a herbal medicine traditionally used in adults for the relief of minor muscle and joint pain and minor peripheral circulatory disorders (with symptoms such as cold feet). 

This medicine from medicinal plants with traditional use is administered for the specified indications exclusively on the basis of long-term use. 

Do not use Rosacta:
- if you are allergic to rosemary oil 

Method of administration:

The recommended dose is: 
Adults and the elderly 
Apply about 3 - 6 cm of cream, 2 to 3 times a day, on the affected area and gently massage until it penetrates the skin. The amount of cream used depends on the surface being treated. 
Mode of administration 
Cutaneous administration. 
Before use, puncture the tube by inverting the cap and by pressing and screwing open the tight seal of the tube. 

Duration of use: 
If your symptoms worsen or persist for more than 4 weeks while using the medicine, you should contact your doctor or nurse. 

50 g