Sargenor, 20 Vials, excessive fatigue, asthenia

Sargenor, 20 Vials, excessive fatigue, asthenia

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- can be beneficial in states of excessive fatigue that often accompany modern life of active people, elderly people and children, are often characterized by asthenia, even of considerable intensity;
- usually fatigue is accompanied by sleep disturbances, difficulty concentrating and mood swings;
- these conditions can adversely affect the quality of life;
- eliminating the causes that can cause asthenia, sufficient rest (adequate rest periods) and compliance with a correct diet are certainly beneficial measures;
- often, however, they are not enough to completely eliminate the state of asthenia (intense and prolonged fatigue, accompanied by physical weakness and decreased working capacity).

Sargenor can provide the body with adequate intake of arginine, an amino acid naturally present in our body with important biochemical and nutritional characteristics.

In adults it is recommended to take an ampoule orally 3 times a day, preferably before meals, no more than a month.
Dilute the contents of one ampoule in half a glass of water, following the instructions below:
The ampoules have marking rings on both sides, where a predetermined breaking point is present.
The tips must be broken at these points. The solution can flow only when both tips
have been broken!
1. Hold the ampoule in an oblique position, NEXT to the glass with which you will drink (not above it!), do not break it.
2. Break the upper tip, bending it with light pressure. You can help yourself with a paper napkin to break it with stronger pressure.
3. Turn the ampoule upside down (the solution will not flow yet).
4. Hold the ampoule in an oblique position near the glass so that only the broken tip is above the glass.
5. Break the second tip above the glass. Now the solution will flow.
6. Check for glass fragments in the liquid/Make sure the solution in the beaker is free of shards.

20 Vials