Serum Intensive pro-aging Retisil, 30 ml, Sesderma

Serum Intensive pro-aging Retisil, 30 ml, Sesderma

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-Intensive anti-wrinkle serum with firming and wrinkle reducing action.

-Reduces expression wrinkles, skin imperfections, marks, blemishes.

-Reduces flaccidity of aging skin.

-Serum for advanced improvement of face firmness and wrinkles, even the deepest.

-Global and comprehensive improvement of all signs of aging.

-RETISIL serum increases skin tonicity, reduces and smoothes wrinkles, improves hydration, evens out skin tone and provides radiance.

-Improves firmness and wrinkles.
-Stimulates collagen synthesis for smooth and elastic skin.
-Improves signs of aging.
-Renewing action, smoother and softer skin.
-Evens out skin tone and enhances radiance.
-Improves the appearance of stains.
-Stimulates and increases hydration.

How to use:
Apply morning and evening, to clean, dry skin. Apply 3-4 drops and massage until completely absorbed. After applying the serum, use sunscreen.

30 ml