Sexual Stimulant, 4 Capsules, Power V8, Potency

Sexual Stimulant, 4 Capsules, Power V8, Potency

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- Power V8 is considered one of the most appreciated potency capsules with fast and lasting effect;
- the action is broad-spectrum so Power V8 stimulates sexual functions by increasing erections and intensity of sexual intercourse but also helps in improving and preventing erectile dysfunction, reducing fatigue and mental exhaustion.

How to use:
It is recommended to take one capsule 40-60 minutes before initiating sexual intercourse.
Administration of the product concomitantly with alcoholic beverages is not indicated.

Do not exceed the recommended dose. Product designed for the exclusive use of men.

Ginko-biloba Extract, Rhodiola Extract, Leek Seeds, Cinnamon, Goji Berry Extract, Ginseng Extract, Vitamin D.

4 capsules