Spermotrend, 90 capsules, men with fertility problems

Spermotrend, 90 capsules, men with fertility problems

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Orthomolecular nutritional preparation intended for special oral nutrition.

Food supplement based on vegetable extracts, antioxidants, vitamins and amino acids, intended to balance deficient diets.

It is an orthomolecular supplement rich in antioxidant substances, intended to balance the diet of men who, through regular food intake, cannot obtain the micronutrients necessary for optimal functioning of the body and especially of the reproductive system.

Average composition for a 450 mg capsule:
- Pygeum Africanum extract - 100mg
- zinc sulfate - 20mg
- vitamin B6 - 1mg
- folic acid - 100µg
- vitamin C - 30mg -
vitamin B12 - 0.5µg
- fructose - 104mg
- selenite of sodium - 20 µg
- arginine - 50mg
- carnitine - 40mg
- vitamin E - 5mg
- microcrystalline cellulose (excipient) - 100mg

Nutritional information for 100 grams of product:

- energy content 365 kcal;
- proteins 6.4g;
- carbohydrates 77g;
- fat 3.5g.

In the case of men with fertility problems whose possible cause is the alteration of the spermogram, one capsule is used every 12 hours, for periods that cover the entire seminal cycle (approximately 3 months).

The administration can be extended without any restriction for much longer periods.

In the case of elderly men with benign prostate hypertrophy (prostate adenoma), the diet can be supplemented for any length of time with one capsule every 12-24 hours, depending on the doctor's advice.

Do not exceed 2 capsules/day.
This preparation should not replace a varied diet and cannot be considered as a single source of food.

90 capsules